Ryan & Christy

We have been married for over 21 years and in the lifestyle for 11 years. Living in a small community has its challenges for us, but we make it work for us. Due to our small area, we travel to larger places to attend and host parties. Some of our favorite people are the friends we have met the last 11 years. We enjoy the non-judgmental attitudes we have encountered while being in the lifestyle.

We have been behind the scenes with a couple clubs and are glad for the opportunity to be in the front at this time. We have helped Deb and John with the events and conventions they have been a part of. While we haven’t made it to Hedo II, we are looking forward to being able to possibly host an event there.

As we expand our parties and hosting experience, we look forward to creating better parties. The parties may be a lot of work; however, seeing everyone enjoy themselves makes all the work worth it.

The lifestyle has many opportunities to live out fantasies and explore what you’re interested in. We welcome everyone to ask questions and if we can’t find the answers, we will try to hook you up with people that can.

John and Debbie

We have been in the lifestyle over 12 years now and are always looking forward to the next great party or event. The friends we have met and the experiences we have had over the years are priceless and we wouldn’t change a thing.

We have been involved with a number of clubs in both New York and PA.  Along with the meet n greets in Rochester, we have co-hosted multi night conventions, hotel takeovers, and destination trips to Jamaica. Specifically, Hedo II.

This year we will celebrate 31 years of marriage and are enjoying being empty nesters. With that we have started traveling more and spending time with friends we have made though our years both in and out of the lifestyle.

The time and energy we and the hosts put into these events is always rewarded by the enjoyment we see in our guests faces. So, we hope you have fun and enjoy your time here with us!!!!

Other sites and clubs that we can recommend for your enjoyment