A special thank you to all the companies that have provided donations. Please think of them when shopping and making purchases for your home toys

Quick breakdown of events for the Nov 4 & 5th

Location: Auburn NY

(Times and events are subject to change. Updates will be made as more information becomes available)

Weekend itinerary

Friday 11/4/22

3pm                                Check-in

5pm                                 Vending opens

6pm – 7pm                     Happy hour in Bar

  • Graffiti Ice breaker – Get to know other guests. Wear white tee-shirt, guests will introduce themselves and write name, phrases and or room number on your shirt

7pm-9pm                        Games & Seminars offered

8pm – Midnight              Friday Dance

  • Country Theme

Midnight – 3pm              Late night swim

  • Pool Pizza party

Saturday 11/5

10am                               Check-in opens

11am – 5pm                   Games & Seminars offered

  • Some Games being Planned are:
  • Newlywed Game
  • Sexual Trivia
  • Speed Dating
  • Door Decorating Contest
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Ring Toss
  • Pool Volleyball

4pm – 5pm                     Happy hour in Bar

  • Sport Jersey themed

7:30pm – 9pm                Coleman Green, Comic

Coleman Green who’s known in the Philadelphia comedy scene has quickly increased his comic opportunities nationally and internationally.

A rising star, Coleman Green is no stranger to the entertainment world. Gracing the stages of many venues, clubs and corporate events, Coleman has managed to find the common link between all races, ethnicities, cultures, and incomes. He’s a stand-up comedian, actor, writer and producer of his own animation series.  He has the ability when needed, to bring his comedy into the roles that he often portrays. His ability to make you laugh is certainly a talent that can not be taught. 

9:30pm – midnight         Saturday dance

  • Theme TBA

Midnight – 3am               Late-night swim

  • Pool Pizza party

Confirmed Vendors attending

Pure Romance with Charlotte Dray-

Joe the Shoe Guy

Raj – Exotic Clothing

Meet our Presenters

Sean & Michele

Sean & Michele Andersen have been exploring alternative sexual lifestyles for over 20 years overcoming judgment and fears of a conservative Christian upbringing and the “moral responsibility” of society standards. Married over 30 years, they met in college AS VIRGINS. After 10 years of monogamous, missionary sex, Michele had a spiritual and bi-sexual epiphany and had the courage to share this with Sean. Together, like Lewis and Clark, they stepped into the unknown to explore together.  Along the way they found tools and technologies, pitfalls, life lessons and beautiful sexual connections with others which turned into life long friends. For the past 15 years they have enjoyed working as a “host couple” at a members-only on-premise sex club introducing new people into the philosophy, etiquette, as well as the risks and rewards of open sexual relationships.  They have the gift of creating a safe place for people to ask questions and concerns and have presented workshops at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Hedonism, Jamaica, The Private Affair Club and Exotic Fantasies Life Style Convention.

Ms Lady

Allow Me to welcome you to My playground of the mind, body and spirit. I am a Lifestyle & Professional Dominatrix and Educator. I’m also the proud owner of Lady’s Wicked Playground/ LWPvenue, a dungeon, BnB and exclusive alternative social club in Northeast Pa. For more info about My club, events or private interactions, please go to the following: https://linktr.ee/Ms.Lady

Kindly in kink,

Ms. Lady




Seminar classes

             Seminars being planned are:

  • Female Lead Relationships

Finding My inner Femdom.  Just for play, or all day…..

Whether You are looking to take control in the bedroom, maintain control in the relationship on a daily basis, or simply looking for a better understanding of Your partner’s interests or needs, this workshop was created with You in mind. Domination sometimes comes naturally and sometimes it just needs a little encouragement.  Let’s help You find Your inner Dominance….

  • Impact play

“Bring your bottom- Impact workshop”

Hands-on workshop with things that make an impact or make them squirm 🙂 Floggers, Paddles, canes and more provided!!! (Bring your own bottoms.) 

  • Crossover from Swinging to BDSM

“Swinging into Kink”

Chains and whips are not for everyone….. though some get quite excited 😉 Kinky sex is definitely erotic, however theres so much more behind it then just sex.  Allow your fantasies and experimentation to take your sex life and your relationship to newer heights. If you’ve ever talked about Fifty Shades of Grey, this workshop is for you. 

  • Round table Lifestyle Discussion, No question is off the table
  • Electric Play
  • Wax Play